Credibility Assessment of Maryland Polygraph Services


Polygraph areas of Use:

 Criminal Defense
         Clear the Wrongfully Accused     
           Verification of Statements and Information
Employee Thefts     
           Sex Crimes and Allegations of Sexual Misconduct
         Professional Misconduct     
         Law Enforcement     
           Security Screening
         Allegations of Child Abuse and Domestic Disputes     
           Drug Use and Domestic Disputes
         International Testing

CAM also offers lectures on the utility and capabilities of polygraph at universities, colleges and related seminars.

Attorneys: These tests can help attorneys verify a client's innocence, especially in instances where a law enforcement agency wants to perform a law enforcement exam on your client.

Pre-Employment Polygraph Testing: These tests can be conducted to screen applicants for Law Enforcement Agencies, Armored Car, Alarm and Guard Services. Commercial business polygraph exams are covered by the Employee Polygraph Protection Act, which in conjunction with your company attorney, can help recover missing assets and stop further loss. EPPA provides for pre-employment testing for and certain public companies concerned with National Defense and Security, Pharmaceutical, Armored Carriers.

Specific Issue Tests: These tests can be conducted in a number of areas, to include;

    Employee theft
Professional misconduct    
Sexual harassment
Sexual offense
White-Collar crime
Violent crime
ArsonChild abuse
    Domestic Disputes
    Drug use

Polygraph examinations are conducted by appointment at any suitable location, or at one of our locations. Fees for polygraph services depend upon the complexity and type of test conducted.

An average test can take approximately 3 hours and involve a pre-test interview, physiological data collection, and post-test interview.