Credibility Assessment of Maryland Polygraph Services

Preparing for your Polygraph Examination


Most applicants become apprehensive when asked to participate in a personal interview and polygraph examination. Feelings of apprehension, uncertainty, and anxiety are common. As your procedure begins, you’ll become more comfortable and you’ll find that your examiner will make every effort to make this experience pleasant for you.

 Your success in the interview and examination requires that you provide complete and accurate responses, and that you be completely truthful. None of us have a perfect history and all of us at one time or another, have participated in activities that were not totally appropriate. Your prospective employer and your examiner both understand that being human includes making mistakes. They also know that people can both learn from their mistakes and become better individuals (not to mention better job candidates) in the process.

 Mandatory Instructions:

1. Wear comfortable clothing to examination.

2.  Arrive 15 minutes early and make sure you have something to eat before your appointment. It is recommended you have at least six hours of sleep or you may not qualify for the exam.

3.  If you have received a polygraph questionnaire, you must bring the completed questionnaire with you to the exam.

4.  Bring your valid driver’s license, or other government identification.

5.  Allow yourself three hours from the time you arrive.

6.  No cellular phones or weapons of any kind are allowed during the appointment. Bring your cell phone with you, but leave it in your car during your appointment.

7.  Do not bring friends, relatives or children to your appointment.

8.  Please call in advance if you are pregnant, injured or ill (Flu, Colds, Etc.).

9.  If you need to change your appointment, you must call at least 24-hours in advance, or you will still be charged for the examination.